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Many copywriting briefs come with non-disclosure agreements.
From time to time, though, my clients are happy for me to showcase my work online.
Here’s a snapshot.
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Product descriptions for Wax Concept

eCommerce Copywriting

As online shopping overtakes traditional retail, ecommerce copywriting has become fiercely competitive. The right creative copywriter can help.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing these evocative product descriptions for Wax Concept, an exciting new range of hand-poured luxury scented candles made with high-quality mineral and vegetable wax.

Here’s a bestseller that continues to encourage website visitors to click on buy:

‘Opens with blasts of bergamot and mimosa, heady jasmine, and bitter-sweet violet, giving way to dark, musky patchouli and sharp essential oil of orange. Confident. Robust. Enduring. Makes a statement and transforms the atmosphere of your room.