My Projects

Many copywriting briefs come with non-disclosure agreements.
From time to time, though, my clients are happy for me to showcase my work online.
Here’s a snapshot.

Scriptwriting - ‘World in Crisis’ campaign

Charity copywriting

How should you react when facing a global crisis unlike any the world has ever seen?

Human Appeal has been reacting to global emergencies for nearly 30 years. When disaster strikes, they are on the ground within hours, providing vulnerable families with the essentials they need to survive. And they stay there, long after the TV cameras have left, restoring shattered lives, and reinforcing communities.

This script is part of the charity’s World in Crisis campaign to promote their Global Emergency Fund. It is Human Appeal’s reaction to a world in crisis. One that is providing safe water in Gaza, healing the sick in Syria, preventing malnutrition in Yemen, and supporting the homeless Lebanon.