My Projects

Many copywriting briefs come with non-disclosure agreements.
From time to time, though, my clients are happy for me to showcase my work online.
Here’s a snapshot.

As specialists in helping those with swallowing difficulties, Manchester-based Slo Drinks has created Pill-Eze™, a healthcare product that helps to make taking medical pills and food supplements as easy as 1,2,3.

After successfully trialling the product in the pharmaceutical sector, Slo Drinks approached me to help introduce Pill-Eze™ to the consumer market.

As well as providing a thorough briefing, Slo Drinks also sent me some samples of Pill-Eze™, which I took with my daily multi-vitamin tablet. I became an immediate believer.

This helped me to write engaging and persuasive landing page content - part of a Google campaign targeting cold consumer audiences who are struggling with taking tablets.