Sunday, 09 December 2012 09:38

Content marketing – does your copywriting lack va va voom?

I'll get straight to the point. Effective content marketing can generate more traffic and leads at a lower cost than all your other marketing channels put together if - and I mean if - your copywriting has va va voom. Allow me to explain ...

What is content marketing?

In a nutshell, content marketing is talking to your target audience without selling. It's relationship building. It's trust building. Instead of blatantly plugging your product or service your content marketing informs, educates and entertains your audience, all the while securely placing your brand in their hearts and minds.

Done well, content marketing works well, which is why the world's biggest and best-loved brands are doing it. It's also why the world's leading minds in SEO and digital advertising believe content marketing will ultimately overtake all traditional forms of advertising.

Why content marketing is the future

Today's consumer is plagued with information overload. They've had it with traditional advertising. They skip TV ads. They bin direct mail. They delete emails. Any form of blatant plugging turns them off. No - today's consumer is fluent in online surfing. They seek out information about the products and services they choose to find out about, thank you very much.

So content marketing is hardly about pushing yourself on your audience. On the contrary, the true power of content lies in its ability to pull your audience towards you. Never underestimate the power of content. It could, quite literally, as the marketing think-tanks are forecasting, become the future of marketing.

The importance of va va voom

To stand up and be counted in the new world of content marketing, you're going to need copywriting with va va voom. That's because quality content wins favour with both audiences and with Google. How this works is very simple: Audiences invest time and energy in seeking out quality content online and so Google ranks quality highly. Provide your clearly defined target audience and search engines with va va voom and both will be attracted to you, seeking you out and rewarding you with loyalty.

There is no point whatsoever in cramming your site choc-full of poor quality, banal or mediocre information. For your content marketing to be effective - be it for building brand awareness, generating leads, acquiring customers or achieving high Google rankings - you must give audiences and Google a reason to love you.

Put more lead in your pencil

To ensure your content survives and thrives online, you may indeed require a little more lead in your pencil. Forgive my crude analogy however it starkly demonstrates an important fact: that in a fiercely competitive online environment, poor content is becoming more and more impotent.

Whilst there are many variables to consider in your content creation, there should be one vital, vibrant and va va voom component running through everything you do online to ensure the effectiveness of your content: copywriting with va va voom. If your copywriting lacks this potency, you need to sharpen things up.

Survive and thrive online

To survive and thrive online, I urge you to hire a professional copywriter. As effective content marketing can generate more traffic and leads for significantly less than all your other marketing channels put together, hiring a professional copywriter could be well worth the investment.

True professional copywriters are time-served at tuning into the desires of your target audience and the needs of your business, simultaneously, delivering copywriting with va va voom and bringing results whatever the medium.

So take your time finding the right copywriter. One you feel is a good fit for your brand. They will sharpen your content creation no end, providing you with the kind of va va voom that will ensure your brand survives and continues to thrive in the future.

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I've known Vicki for over 10 years. She is an extremely talented and adaptable writer. She’s always been a pleasure to deal with, and I'd have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Phil Cookson, Director, Creative Resource