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The coronavirus lockdown has given many business owners more space and time to focus on their outbound marketing activity, such as writing better emails and e-newsletters.

This week, a client briefed me to write a coronavirus-related email to help then raise funds for vulnerable communities. The first thing I did was to remind myself of the ways I always tackle writing e-shots to get great response rates.

I hope you find the following five tips useful too.

1. Provide a compelling subject line

To open or not to open? Your subject line will decide, so give it due thought.

Your subject line should grab attention, address a need, and make the receiver want to find out more.

Creative lines. Straight lines. Irresistible lines. Try experimenting with your subject line to see how it impacts your response rate.

2. Make it conversational

Avoid defaulting to corporate-speak when you write your email.

We can all be guilty of adopting a formal, ‘clever-clogs’ sounding tone of voice in our professional writing, but when it comes to writing marketing emails and e-newsletters your words need to connect on a human level.

Human connection gets clicks. So, be yourself and write like you speak.

3. Write to just one person

Whether I’m selling sumptuous sofas or vital humanitarian aid, I imagine writing to just one person. I even imagine that person.

Forget trying to achieve multiple clicks when writing your e-shot. Write it like you hope to get just one big response.

Writing to just one person will create more intimacy and connection.

4. Give them space to breathe

You’ve written a compelling subject line that you feel confident will get clicks. So, don’t blow it by writing an epic email.

It’s unbelievable how many organisations send out emails with huge meandering paragraphs.

Write concise, benefit-led copy in short paragraphs that make the reader want to find out more. Aim for around 250 words.

5. Focus on one thing

Confuse them and you’ll lose them.

Always be single-minded when you write your marketing e-shot. Think about the one thing that you want your reader to do - be it click, donate, or call. Give them the reasons they should do it and provide a clear call to action.

For more tips on how to write better emails, please