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A recent brief from a luxury bed client prompted me to recall my years of copywriting for luxury brands in Dubai.

Whether I was writing headlines for De Beers Jewellers, crafting content for Chanel, or simply noticing people shopping in Dubai’s shimmering malls, I knew that luxury customers were looking for something more than just material goods.

When it comes to buying luxury, customers want a feeling. An experience. They want a brand they can believe in, values they can resonate with, something that provides them with a sense of the lifestyle they aspire to.

Luxury and logic

But luxury customers are also discerning. They expect the best. They look for genuine value within the premium price point. Whether it’s craftsmanship, the finest ingredients, or exceptional product capability, a luxury brand must justify its superiority.

That’s why copywriting for luxury brands is an art - one that skilfully combines facts with emotive language.

The art of luxury

Luxury customers justify their reasons for purchasing a luxury item with logic, but their decision to buy will almost certainly be based upon an emotional connection to the brand.

Sensible-sumptuous brand stories. Informative-inspiring product descriptions. Educational-evocative editorial. Good luxury brand copywriting combines fact with feeling to achieve a high-end positioning, while drawing in audiences from the ocean of other luxury brands.

Online copywriting – the new ‘touch and feel’ of luxury

In our digital and post-pandemic world, with ever-evolving logistics capabilities, faster shipping and returns, luxury customers who traditionally preferred the ‘touch and feel’ of real-world shopping over online purchasing, now rely upon words to provide their sensory experience.

From email campaigns and digital banners to social media – copywriting is the gateway that stands between your customers and your brand.

Every message, every interaction, and every word counts.

In the words of Hubert De Givenchy: ‘Luxury is in each detail.’

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