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Times may be hard, but that doesn’t mean you should risk writing your own content – hire a copywriter instead. Here’s why.

You lack the expertise

You may know your product or service back to front and inside out, but that doesn’t mean you should write the content. Unless you have specific experience in writing creative, persuasive marketing copy, hire someone who has. You’ll be so glad you did.

You need a powerful message

Memorable straplines. Compelling headlines. Engaging speeches. Magnetic calls to action. A good copywriter will bring your communications to life with strategic, customer-focused copy. We’re talking waffle-free content that gets to the point, persuades, seduces, and converts your audience.

You don’t have time

Of course, you don’t have time. Even if you love writing there are only so many hours in a day. Writing good copy takes energy, experience, and expertise. The stakes are high. Don’t risk it. Especially when it comes to direct response platforms like Google ads that must generate leads and sales, instantly.

You’re too close

Sure, you understand all the great features of your product or service. But your target audience is far more interested in how your stuff can help make their life better or easier. A marketing copywriter can see the benefits you may have overlooked and be a potent ally in your outgoing communications.

You want to stand out

Audiences have grown so accustomed to marketing messages that they barely even see them anymore. Even more reason to hire a copywriter. Good copywriters can break through and make an impression on desensitised audiences by taking a novel approach. The story of your business, product or service has many possible angles – a copywriter can find the one that resonates and craft it into compelling, irresistible content.

So, yes, you should hire a copywriter.

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