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Conversion-led copywriting needs a Call To Action (CTA). Here’s how to create one that’s hard to resist.

What’s a CTA? It’s the action you want your user to take. So, whether you’re writing a video script or a blog, you’ll need to craft your copy in a way that seduces your audience to want more, then include your CTA, such as ‘Sign Up,’ ‘Subscribe,’ ‘Donate,’ or ‘Buy.’

The CTA is at the heart of all direct response copywriting. But you need to:

  1. Know your audience

If your target audience is just learning about your brand and the problem it solves, use a soft CTA, such as ‘Discover More,’ or ‘Subscribe. ’If your audience is already familiar and invested in your brand, use a stronger CTA, such as ‘Buy Now.’

  1. Remember a CTA means ‘action’

A CTA means ‘action,’ so use powerful verbs that tell your audience exactly what you want them to do.  Remember, your copywriting should be benefit-led. So, as well as telling your audience what you want then to do, tell then what’s in it for them if they take the action.

  1. Consider the medium

An important factor to consider when creating your CTA is the medium. For instance, if you’re writing online copy, you can include a button or link text. While link buttons can increase click-through rates, link text may be just as effective.

  1. Create an outstanding CTA

Make sure your CTA stands out from the body copy. Whether you’re creating an online video or a blog, let your designer make the CTA stand out clearly from the rest of the text or feature strongly at the end of your video and get ready for more leads and sales.  

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