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Since the beginning of the lockdown, in line with government regulations and recommendations, I have continued delivering my copywriting services to regular clients and new clients alike.

It has been my privilege to support them through the coronavirus crisis and help them to prepare for the changes ahead.

A world-changing event

There is no doubt about it, things will never the same. Businesses and individuals are already re-thinking their product and service offerings. While the threat of COVID-19 has forced many businesses to close their doors, decimating their income, many are finding innovative ways to adapt to the new situation.

With a great percentage of the population staying safe at home, many are seeking goods, services, and information remotely to meet their needs now or after the crisis is over. So, now could be a great time to start thinking about meeting those needs.

Copywriting support

Maybe you’re a restaurateur who would like to launch an exciting new click and collect service, or perhaps you’re a pilates instructor who wants to start a remote class. Whatever your business idea, get in touch, so we can discuss your project.

Working with you remotely, I can bring my passion and expertise to your idea. Whether you would like a website, script, offline print, or social media message, I can help you find the right words to give you an outstanding presence.

Copywriting that makes a difference

If you are a charity, I’d also love to hear from you. I’m currently working with a major NGO on coronavirus campaigns here in the UK and in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. I feel privileged that I can offer my copywriting services during these unprecedented times.

To find out more about how my copywriting services can help you, your organisation, or business idea during the coronavirus crisis, please get in touch.

To book a tone of voice consultation or to find out more, please