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The truth is you can follow the best e-marketing tips in the world, but nobody really wants or needs more emails.

So, what’s the best way to ensure good opening and engagement rates?

Firstly, if someone has opted-in to your email list, you stand a good chance of success. Your list already loves your brand and what you stand for. They want to hear from you. The challenge is making sure they keep wanting to hear from you as the weeks, months, and years pass.

These 6 tips will help ensure your messages are always welcome.

  1. Write captivating subject lines – every subject line should seduce your reader into opening your email. Use active power words and numbers.
  2. Have something valuable to say – never waste your reader’s time. Always send them something helpful, insightful, and beneficial.
  3. Write to one person – build meaningful and lasting relationships with your mailing list by writing to ‘one’ person – not a blanket list of people.
  4. Give and don’t take – never reach out to your list because you want something from them. Be generous and giving – add value to their lives.
  5. Be understanding – remind people that you understand their struggles, challenges and ambitions and keep demonstrating how you can help make their lives easier.
  6. Reward people for reading – by reading your emails, your audience should be informed, better at what they do, or feel good about themselves in some way.
  7. Be brief – less is always more when it comes to email marketing – never waste your reader’s time or allow them to become bored.

If someone has signed up to your email list, be flattered. Each person who has opted in has validated you or your organisation. But never take this for granted.

Get to know your readers. Know their pain points and struggles. Ask questions. Offer help. Write to them as you would a friend and the loyalty and trust will grow. Your list will look forward to hearing from you, which will have welcome impact on your bottom line. 

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