Copywriting Blog

Want to grow your business in 2021? Then start a blog.

A blog is a platform to show off your expertise, build your credibility, and add value to your customers’ lives. Here are some key considerations before you start writing.

Word count

SEO experts will tell you different things. Yoast says blogs should be a minimum of 300 words. HubSpot insists on 2,000 for optimum SEO performance. The truth is, there is only one sure way to gain favour with Google when it comes to blogging: whether it’s long or short form copy - make sure it’s quality content.  

Think ‘reader,’ not ‘Google’

Forget keywords. Write for your target audience, not search engines.  Never force your content. If your blogs don’t naturally engage your target audience, don’t write them. The key to a successful blog begins with not populating your pages with irrelevant articles stuffed with keywords.

Engage and entertain

Create a buyer persona – a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer – and write for them. A buyer persona can guide you in terms of the kind of content you should publish and can even help you decide on wordcount. For example, busy professionals never have time to trawl through reams of content, so a 300-500 wordcount may be more advisable.

You time

If you would like to start a blog in 2021, you have everything to gain. Blogging is the perfect way to check in with yourself and your business. It’s ‘you’ time and – who knows - it could become a vital part of your business growth in the New Year.

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